A poser is someone who isn't true. What makes something true? The doing, the intention, the becoming, or being in the moment. To try to seek validation from without is poser. To try to be something one is not is poser. To do is just doing.
I M P O S T O R S Y N D R O M E is when one feels not true to purpose. Training, repetition, experience, understanding makes it go away. Gaining clarity makes us more effective. Some young artists don't have that mentality, they are the movement; they are the work, they are pure. They are successful. That is because skills has everything to do with the function of the form. Dance is in perpetual motion, even a freeze, a strike, a balance.

When one dedicates to training and feeling, one becomes the work; the journey to get there is worthy. If resentment is processed, and pride is humbled for clarity, we find that the work elevates, and it lifts up both artist and audience. It's not about trends; it just needs to be true. Art lifts us up, and good dance is honest.